Methinks This Bloke is Typical (If Not Stereotypical)

This guy is accused of assaulting a Muslim woman in Newcastle, UK and ripping off her niqab.  Not the Onion, he actually flipped off the press outside his assault hearing.


No anger issues here.  It’s actually worse than it looks.

When he attended previous hearings about the niqab offence, Scotter made a middle finger gesture to photographers outside court.

He has 66 previous convictions for 157 offences (emphasis added), including actual bodily harm, breaching a football banning order and racially aggravated criminal damage.

Scotter had been due to stand trial for the niqab offences next month.

The judge told Scotter he would be sentenced in three weeks’ time and granted him conditional bail.

As Scotter left court, he declined to answer why he was covering his face with a scarf and gestured defiantly to waiting photographers.

66 previous convictions for 157 offences!  But the irony of ironies is he comes to court wearing a scarf around his face – the thing he found so offensive about the woman he assaulted.


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