Unpresidented: VP Breaks Tie So That Person The Country Does Not Want Can Take Power

In the past, in normal times, if a nominee for a cabinet post or any very high office of public service were so loathed by the public and derided by the press that it was clear that their “service” was not what the public wanted then that person would, honorably, drop out or such nomination be withdrawn.

But we ain’t in Kansas anymore.  Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the Senate Republicans that voted for her, voted entirely to place her in a position of power, not in public service. They’ve proven once again it’s all about power, not public service.

No nominee in our history has come down to the VP having to break a tie.  And that’s only because Jeff Sessions is so heinous an Attorney General pick that he’s been delayed long enough to sit in the chamber and vote as senator from Alabama. Without that vote she goes down 50-49.

Next up is Tom Price as HHS Secretary.  If he wasn’t going to be Secretary of HHS he’d probably be indicted for insider trading (maybe he still will be).

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