Can Celebrities Save America?

Specifically SNL, the oldest longest continuously broadcast show on TV except Meet the Press (and inarguably more relevant by many factors)?

You know the miracle of SNL’s political relevancy by this fact:  every Joe and Jill and their significant other uses the term “cold open” like some show biz pro who has been in the industry (and by industry I mean the business) for decades.

I haven’t watched SNL (or as we old timers call it Saturday Night Live) on a regular basis since the Martin Short, Billy Crystal, Harry Shearer season (ie. the last good season).  But they’ve even got me excited to see what they do from week to week to get under Trump’s oh so thin skin.  They really hit a nerve with  Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and word went out that it was h u m i l i a t i n g… because he was lampooned by a person with a vagina. So…..

Immediately everybody started thinking of how they can top it for vexation power.  Rosie as Bannon?   Meryl Streep as Trump (too)?  John Fugelsang hit it with a sketch where Rosie as Bannon and Streep as Trump do a sketch that Alec Baldwin as Trump is watching on TV in his bathrobe and tweeting about in a tizzy, wondering how everybody knows everything about what he thinks.  (My addition is Staffers in the bg also tweeting the details of everything that goes on in the WH.)

I think they have do do Conway on QVC shilling Ivanka’s shmatas

Betsy DeVos in an actual public school classroom wondering why there are no crosses.

To go off on another sort of related celebrity tangent:  amazing that the same people who think that celebrities should shut up about politics and stuff also watch TMZ and the like and absolutely need to know everything else about those celebrities.  If you need to know who Ryan Gosling is dating but don’t want to know about how he feels about the Dakota Access Pipeline, that’s on you pal, not him.

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