In the Laboratories of Democracy – Iowa Sell Out Edition

Iowa is completely in the hands of Republicans since the last election.  What consequences that holds for many of the good, solid, salt of the Earth Iowans (you know, morons) that voted for Republican rule is the passage of Koch Brothers sponsored laws to change collective bargaining for public service unions.  Michigan, Florida, Wisconsin, etc. wherever Republicans can espouse their heartfelt love of the average working man and (to some extent) woman, they will stab those good people in the back at their first opportunity.  If not with right-to-work (for less) laws (like recently in Missouri), then attacks on said unions of police, firefighters, teachers, nurses, sanitation, etc. in order to take away their well established ability to negotiate a contract with the state.

Or  everybody but the unions that vote Republican.  The Iowa legislature proposed to take away bargaining rights for everything except wages (health insurance, working conditions, etc.) for everyone except police and firefighters, who generally vote Republican, so that they’ll wink, wink, go along with their fellow union brothers and sisters’ rape.  They played this game of divide and conquer in Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, in Chris Christie’s NJ with pension reform.  It’s common.  But the police and firefighters in Iowa, to their credit, can see through the game and can figure, they’ll be on the menu next.

Firefighters as well as members of private sector unions rallied alongside public union workers at the Capitol on Tuesday.

“We do everything we can for our brothers and sisters that are union,” said Richard Duddeck, president of United Auto Workers Local 1982 in Dyersville. “It doesn’t matter private or public. We all support each other. We all want a good wage, good working conditions.”

Stay strong Iowans, support your public sector unions.  Fight back.  And stop voting Republican for crying out loud!  Jeeeeeeez!!!!

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