Worst People in the World – Eli Lake

Hat tip to Atrios on the text.  I just knew when I saw fundamentally dishonest Bloomberg News foreign affairs correspondent Eli Lake on my TV last night asserting that the leaking of intelligence about Trump administration connections to Russia is interfering in our politics and essentially worse than, you know, treasonous activity that Flynn, Manafort, Carter Page, others? engaged in, that Lake said the opposite when Gen. Petraeus violated security.

But viewing the Petraeus case in a vacuum — a powerful and ambitious man falling from grace — misses an important larger point: Leaking confidential and classified information is engrained in our political culture. The enforcement of laws against it is inconsistent, hypocritical and often enables excessive secrecy.

So when Petraeus does it it’s just boys will be boys leaking information.  But when American intelligence agencies investigate interference in our elections and inappropriate contact between one candidate’s representatives and Russia, they should keep that to themselves.

All you need to know is these tweets defending Lake from Fox News and Trump.

Terrible people keep each other’s company.




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