This is Evil and Wrong

I’ve heard from my Filipino friend that Trump’s ICE Deportation Force set up a roadblock on main highways in the Raleigh-Durham area of NC.  It’s being operated kind of like a DUI checkpoint except in this case they’re using racial profiling to check the credentials of all of the brown people.  None of this “we’re going to get rid of the violent criminals” it’s completely indiscriminate and sweeping up anybody who might not have their papers with them.  That’s how fathers and mothers in the country 20 years with no criminal record, or minor misdemeanor infractions, are getting deported in raids.  Dreamers too are getting caught up in the nets and the promise made to them is being broken.

His son was pulled over and hassled for being brown. But he is a citizen, so he was just late for school.  If you can’t prove you’re a citizen, maybe you didn’t bring your papers with you, then you are detained and have to miss work, even if you are a citizen or legally here, but you just can’t prove it.

What happens during a deportation raid in the U.S. – Al Jazeera

Checking Google on these checkpoints shows nothing but denials from ICE that they do this.  Or rumors of checkpoints that the media knocks down.  Well, it’s happening.

Like everything else in the Trump administration it’s haphazard, hamfisted and the wrong people suffer for it.

Today is a a day without immigrants day. So good luck getting anything done today without our immigrant community.  And get used to it because reportedly many are making their way to a more welcoming Canada.

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