Republicans Have a Wierd Way of Showing Compassion

Republicans have for awhile! That’s why Repubs like G.W. Bush and Jack Kemp had to create “compassionate conservatism” – they had a bad reputation for being tough love, hardasses that talked a good game about Jesus, but didn’t follow anything he said. They would revert to Old Testament stoning when they should have gone with love thy neighbor.

This current group truly does not give a fuck about being called Pharisees.

Pulling an undocumented woman out of a hospital when she was awaiting brain surgery? Okay. She must have had gang ties.

“It is heartbreaking and inhumane.”

Taking health care coverage from people? You better or you’ll lose!

… if Republicans fail to repeal Obamacare, expect massive stay-aways next November…

Treat transsexual youth like pariahs in order to protect the snowflake fee fees of straight Christian Taliban? You betcha.

Charles Blow calls it the Death of Compassion, but it’s not, it’s merely the unmasking of Republicans as being cold, hateful, heartless, compassion-less automatons.

The rest of us who have been called “bleeding hearts” for caring about people and “tree-huggers” for caring about our only planet are feeling compassion more than ever for more people and animals and plants than ever! And empathy!

Lets not forget the controversy over “empathy” awhile back. Another one of those words that you would think would be non-controversial and certainly bi-partisan. I mean, if you think human emotion is not something dictated by political party. But Republicans begged to differ and claimed that empathy was a dirty fucking hippy invention.

“The Trump phenomenon is devoid of compassion, and we must be closed to compromise.”

Like Christians have always pled, when accused of hate – love the sinner, hate the sin. Nevermind that Jesus told them not to judge, they judged.  And we too will judge.  If you stand with Trump, you are not compassionate, you lack empathy, you condone hatred and prejudice. If that conflicts with your view of yourself, that’s not me. That’s you. Get out of the Republican Party, denounce their policies.  Join the resistance or not! But stop pretending that tithing to your church to help the other members of your church, while doing nothing for the vast majority of your brothers and sisters you do not know, makes you a hypocrite. A Pharisee. And an ass!

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