State’s Rights – How That Works

If you’re an American, as we all are, I wonder why anybody would believe that kids in Mississippi deserve a lesser education than kids in New York.  How do we rationalize women in Louisiana deserving less access to healthcare than Californians?  Shouldn’t people in Texas have as much of a right to vote as people in New Jersey?

Why that’s a liberal viewpoint and not just an American viewpoint is beyond me, but here we go.

Over the course of the Obama admininstration the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department waged legal battle on behalf of the people of Texas, against the State of Texas (meaning the elected government of Texas) fighting for access to the voting booth against laws restricting same.  New AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has announced that the federal governmnt is no longer going to challenge the State of Texas.  State’s rights in action.

For the last six years, the Justice Department has sided with the citizens and civil rights groups fighting Texas’ voter ID law, which a federal judge at one point found to be intentionally discriminatory against black and Latino voters. But its position changed Monday when the department decided to drop its claim that Republican state lawmakers enacted the law to make it harder for minorities to vote.

Elections have consequences.   In cases like this the worst instincts of some states have been blunted by the actions of the federal government.  When the federal government is predisposed to allow those worst instincts to run wild it most negatively impacts people in those blood red states who get what they voted for.  Which like “wishing for” you might be well advised to be careful of.

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