Trump – “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.” – Everything Wrong With America in One Handy Sentence

Trump said that.  He did.

“We have come up with a solution that’s really, really I think very good,” Trump said at a meeting of the nation’s governors at the White House.
“Now, I have to tell you, it’s an unbelievably complex subject,” he added. “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

Every Republican responds to that in a positive way: “see, he’s learning, cool.”

Every Democrat smacks their hand to their forehead and screams: “SWEET JESUS, YA THINK?”

Of course it’s complicated, incredibly complicated!  A complex, interconnected spider web of a jenga game with moving pieces.  Especially when you’re trying to help people get access to healthcare, but limited to finding market-based solutions –  BECAUSE REPUBLICANS DECREED THAT WAS THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE WAY TO DO IT!

So The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as based on a Heritage Foundation idea, implemented in Massachusetts by a Republican governor, was a long hard slog through minefields all the way though writing, enacting and executing.  The BIGGEST PROBLEMS OF COURSE BEING THE CONSTANT CARPING AND SCREAMING OF REPUBLICANS WHO CRIED WOLF ABOUT ITS PROVISIONS BEING DEATH PANELS AND THE END OF FREEDOM!

So Republicans decreed it had to be a conservative, market-based system, Democrats and healthcare experts worked for years on it (because Republicans wouldn’t lift a finger), an alphabet of state and federal agencies had to be involved in implementation and courts then went over it with such a fine tooth comb that one line out of hundreds of pages landed the legislation in the Supreme Court.

And now that Republicans, whose practical legislative experience over the last 8 years invoved only the letters “N” and “O” (1/13th of the alphabet to be exact), have to actually come up with a plan to fix a profounndly complicated policy and they CANNOT, BECAUSE EVEN SPENDING FIVE MINUTES THINKING ABOUT THE COMPLEXITY OF IT ALL MAKES THEIR HEADS HURT.

But we have to be nice to them and don’t insult them so much.

They are the worst people, the least and the dimmest and nobody deserves this.  Nobody. Not even the intellectually and curioisity challenged people that elect and re-elect con men and fools as regular as clockwork.  Everybody deserves good, responsible government.  Period.

[Maybe that’s another difference between conservatives and liberals, I would give them good, responsible government even if they would deny it for me.]


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