Trump Plan Preview – Let’s do everything we’ve done before that we know now doesn’t work and nobody needs

Let’s spend more on military.  A time honored tradition of hack politics, of course, so well illiustrated in Dr. Maddow’s book “Drift.”  Every president up to Bush pushed to increase military spending to the point that we spend as much as the next 10 countries combined. We have like a dozen nuclear aircraft carriers and the Russians and Chinese have 1 each and they’re diesel powered.  It’s a fucking joke and absolutely everybody knows it now, not just peaceniks.

Let’s get tough on crime, private prisons and drug wars.  Holy Colorado people!  My God this one is easy.  Even Republicans have grasped by 2017 that the “get tough on crime” drug war with private prisons plan is completely counter productive, a colossal waste of money and destructive to people’s lives without having a positive effect on ANYBODY! Except the owners of private prison stock.

Special emphasis on the drug war part as the Trump people are signalling that they want to be tougher on pot.  WHY?  WHO’S ASKING FOR THAT?  There’s literally no constituency for this at all.  I suppose there are parts of the Christian Conservatives who are still in public denouncing pot as devil weed (but toking up in private, we all know).  Trump’s libertarian followers listening?  All of those “give him a chance” people?

It’s simply let’s do what Reagan did 35 years ago and even his skeleton in 2017 would say “Really?  Why would you do that in 2017?”

Holy fuck!

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