Vegan Chef On Run From Law Caught Ordering Domino’s “Pizza”


From Vanity Fair, this is just one of those crazy stories wherein somebody’s life is going in one direction (“feminist icon” a “Vegan Vixen” she cooked for Tom Brady!) and then takes a sudden and dramatic turn (it broke very, very bad – “vegan Bernie Madoff”).  The goofy hook that will get the story tabloid attention (NY Post) is that a renowned vegan chef was ultimately caught by law enforcement when she ordered Domino’s “Pizza” with a credit card.

You may feel sorry for her, falling under the spell of a bad man, stealing from her own restaurant, gambling, etc.  But no man can make you eat Domino’s “Pizza”.

Actually it was the bad man she met on Twitter (should have used eHarmony?) that ordered and ate the “pizza”, and Sarma Melngailis denies the embezzling, gambling, fraud, etc.  Okay, maybe it’s not about commercially sold faux pizza, maybe it’s more about a supposedly intelligent women selling her soul for the love of a 300 pound svengali creep who ruins her life.  On this the International Women’s Day, this woman really should have gone without a man, certainly this asshat.  Her values were vegan, raw food.  His values were Domino’s “pizza” and their patented rubbery “chicken wings”.  Now that’s a Lifetime TV movie: “Stuffed Crust Pizza is the New Black.”

Focus on the dog. By the time police arrested Sarma Melngailis and Anthony Strangis on May 10 of this year on fugitive-from-justice warrants at a Tennessee hotel, where they’d been holed up for 40 days and 40 nights, this is how insane their marriage had become: Melngailis, 43, the radiantly blonde poster woman for vegan living, a Manhattan restaurateur, and a Wharton graduate, says she had come to believe—really, really believe—that her pit bull, Leon, was on the cusp of being made immortal. This Lazarus-ian feat, and more, would be accomplished by her husband, Strangis, 35, a gambler with a criminal past she’d met on Twitter five years earlier.

How does a man convince a woman that he can make her dog immortal?  What an ability to control minds.  With that kind of power is anal sex far behind?  No pun intended.

Yes, she went to Wharton, the same school as Donald Trump.  Maybe Congress should investigate Wharton.  Just how many amoral criminals has that school produced?

If the facts are as the Melngailis camp claims, what she has suffered may be an example of what is called “coercive control,” a form of domestic violence that can manifest as a cult of one, with a spouse as brainwashed follower. “What they are basically trying to do is to close out the options so you are completely dependent on them for your sense of reality,” said Evan Stark, a professor emeritus at Rutgers, and the author of the 2007 study Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life.

Okay.  If 60 million Americans can delude themselves that Donald Trump can be president why can’t one woman imagine that her pathological boyfriend is controlling reality?

The case against him and her defense claiming coercive control will most likely be a media darling for the lesser cable news channels like Headline News.

I imagine this will be the last time they’re mentioned on this blog.  True for Domino’s too.


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