I’ve Been Waiting For Lawsuits from Trump Competitors – Finally!

Since he hasn’t divested himself of hotels and other businesses, which are inevitably targets for business people who wants to curry favor with the President, I’ve long expected that at some point competitors would take him to court.

Finally.  A D.C. Wine Bar has initiated a law suit for Unfair Competition.

In the complaint, lawyers for Cork Wine Bar allege that Trump’s hotel has an “unfair advantage” prohibited in the hotel’s lease for the Old Post Office building, which has a provision stating no elected official may benefit from it.

They’re not seeking damages, they’re trying to force the issue in the courts that Trump is in violation of his lease with the General Services Administration.  Somehow our GOP dominated government is incapable of holding Trump to account on even the most egregious and obvious violations of law and propriety.

Given how craven and feckless the GOP are, the courts may be the only venue for sanity with this crew of pirates.


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