The Dutch Vote Today, Hold Your Breath

The next test of whether we’re living in the reincarnated 1930’s or just going through a “phase” is happening in the Netherlands today.  Geert Wilders, their Trump/Bannon/Steve King (it’s a small country, they have to combine people), has been agitating against immigration, especially dusky brown people immigration for a long time.  It’s the usual thing, there’ll be hummus trucks on every corner and sharia law will take over if every Koran isn’t burnt and every brown person isn’t deported.

See if this doesn’t sound familiar:  Muslims make up 6% of the population of The Netherlands, but far right Wilders supporters “believe” that it’s more like 12%.  They see them under every bed.  Unemployment is very low, their economy is good.  And yet ANGRY!  WHITE SMASH!!

“Immigration and asylum seekers become the focus on the one hand and values and norms on the others,” he said, “but not much is said about economic development or employment and that’s a part of the success story of the populist right: that they’ve been able to make it difficult to talk about other subjects.”

So we’ll see where we are today in the white nationalist Olympics.

“These are the quarterfinals in trying to prevent the wrong sort of populism from winning,” Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister and leader of the center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, said of the Dutch election.

“The half finals are in France in April and May and in September in Germany, we have the finals,” he said.

I am betting on an anti-Trump, anti-Brexit backlash with a woke Dutch population coming out to say, “we’re the Dutch, we’re nice, this maniac doesn’t speak for me.”  Fingers crossed the really white team in the brown shirts doesn’t have a good day, even though their being able to actually take power is unlikely.

Professors, pollsters and others who closely watch elections emphasize that, at least in the Netherlands, the far right is not going to win or control the government — or even come close — not least because the other right-leaning parties have promised publicly not to work with Mr. Wilders in a coalition.

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