The Dutch Showed Up

82% turnout.

The crazies gained some seats, but were largely kept in check as The Netherlands shamed us with a massive turnout.  Make no mistake there’s an issue with the nationalist parties gaining seats.  But the Dutch weren’t crazy enough to put them in power unlike some stupid countries I know.  On the other hand, if we had an 82% turn out Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi would be putting together the next budget rather than Steve Bannon.  I will dream on.

“The Netherlands is showing us that a breakthrough for the extreme right is not a foregone conclusion and that progressives are gaining momentum,” said French independent leader Emmanuel Macron. He is expected to face off against far-right leader Marine Le Pen in the final round of France’s presidential elections in early May.

“Large majority of Dutch voters have rejected anti European populists. That’s good news,” Germany’s Foreign Office posted on its Twitter account. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the former president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, both congratulated Rutte on the result.

Bravo!!  Well done!!


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