We Have an “Art of the Deal” Situation Here

One of the articles the Ministers of Propaganda saw fit to include in “Your 1600 Daily” was this piece in the NY Times about his visit to the auto industry that Obama saved and Trump will double plus save with his Art of the Dealin’.

Trump, as the super anti-regulatory libertarian Republican that he has always been, hates Obama’s initiative to increase auto-efficiency standards.  Standards that foreign auto makers will meet.  Standards that domestic auto manufacturers will be able to meet, in fact higher standards have always been the catalyst to push technology and innovation to make domestic automobiles better, safer, more efficient. Of course the auto industry hates this.  They hate having to comport to higher standards like 5 year old’s hate their broccoli. but it does make them bigger and stronger.

Not to mention that these standards really aren’t too much to ask of an industry that was bailed out by American tax payers and now enjoy record profits from American purchasing power.

Nevertheless, Trump’s made the auto industry an offer that they can almost certainly refuse.  Trump will end the Obama initiative to increase efficiency (happy to do so, who needs air?) if they’ll create more American jobs.

The auto industry won’t outright refuse it, they’ll make noises like they think that’s a great deal, they’d love being let off the hook for the standards, but they won’t commit to a quid pro quo.

Without mentioning the president’s decision on fuel standards, G.M.’s chief executive, Mary T. Barra, said the new and preserved jobs underscored the “overall positive outlook for the auto industry and the U.S. economy.”

Mr. Trump called G.M.’s move “just the beginning” of a new era of job growth in the industry. “That’s peanuts,” he said. “We’re going to have a lot more. They’re going to be building new plants, expanding their plants.”

But automakers may be hard-pressed to meet Mr. Trump’s expectations.

The financial collapse of the industry during the recession is still a fresh memory, and companies have streamlined their manufacturing operations to eliminate costly excess capacity.

They’re not going to do anything more than tokens that hurt their bottom line.  That was true for Obama, it’s true for Trump.  His deal artistry is a more than a little overblown. They will disappoint him.  But will he ever lambaste them like judges, Democrats and the press?  No.  Because while they’ll do little to help him with his deal making pretensions, they’ll always be ready to do a photo op with him and say sweet nothings.  Those jobs will always be just around the corner in the planning stage.  They’ll just never get around to doing anything meaningful.  Oops!

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