Miscellaneous Stupid of the Day

Florida man burns books at Fahrenheit 451 also burns 10 houses and 400 acres.  Oops!


Sen. Roberts (R – Kansas) says usual insensitive and oblivious man thing about women’s healthcare, has to apologize in case Kansas women notice or care (they don’t).


The U.S. senate voted to overturn Obama era internet privacy rules.  ‘Cause who wants privacy?  Really what are you trying to hide there?  Can Net Neutrality be long for this particular stinkin’ world?

According to the rules approved by the Federal Communications Commission in October under then-President Barack Obama, internet providers would need to obtain consumer consent before using precise geolocation, financial information, health information, children’s information and web browsing history for advertising and internal marketing.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Senate was overturning a regulation that “makes the internet an uneven playing field, increases complexity, discourages competition, innovation, and infrastructure investment.”

But Democratic Senator Ed Markey said, “Republicans have just made it easier for American’s sensitive information about their health, finances and families to be used, shared, and sold to the highest bidder without their permission.”

McConnell by the way is an exception to my GOP/Soviet theory of loyalty being more important than competency. McConnell is very competent at evil.


The State Dept. of Evil will sign the permit to allow building of the northern part of the Keystone XL Pipeline (largely with Canadian steel manufactured by a Russian company and some American steel manufactured by an Indian company) that had been delayed and delayed and then finally kyboshed (is that a verb?) by Obama so they get that toxic bitumen oozing southward in no time.  Countdown to the first rupture and contamination of the Ogallala  Aquifer starts tomorrow.  Or does it???

Bold Alliance, a group that has protested the pipeline, is now seeking local residents to file as “intervenors” in the NPSC process in an effort to block route approval, said Jane Kleeb, the group’s president and Nebraska Democrat Party chair.

In addition, the pipeline is likely to encounter delays from landowners in the state unhappy with the company’s use of eminent domain along the route, Kleeb said. TransCanada says 90 percent of landowners along the proposed route have signed voluntary easement approvals, but there are still holdouts.

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