Stupid of the Day – Kim Il Trump

Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin: Trump Has ‘Perfect Genes’

During a sit-down interview with Axios co-founder Mike Allen, the treasury secretary marveled at how his boss has “more stamina than anyone I’ve ever met… it’s unbelievable… he’s constantly doing things.” Referencing Trump’s known affinity for fast food, Allen asked how that’s possible given his poor eating habits. Mnuchin replied: “He’s got perfect genes.” Asked to elaborate, Mnuchin said, “He’s got perfect genes. He’s got incredible energy, okay? And he’s unbelievably healthy.” The audience nervously laughed after a brief pause on both replies.

We are just weeks away from North Korea style press releases like: Trump golfed 18 holes today.  18 HOLES IN 1!  Our President once again exhibits how perfect his genes are!!  Later on he fixed crime and terrorism over dinner (steak well done with ketchup).


Ladies, you want affordable maternity care?  GET MARRIED!  To a man with a job!!  That’s just good common sense!  Your mothers knew that.  Then you went off and voted for Hillary Clinton, joined a coven, experimented with lesbianism and here we are with a trillion dollar deficit.

“Is the president concerned that without having those essential benefits you will have a situation where women are de facto paying higher insurance? Obviously they would be paying for maternity leave,” the reporter asked as a follow up.

“No, you could have a family plan,” Spicer replied.

Mrs. Spicer is a very lucky woman.  I’m sure she didn’t have to get liquored up to have procreative sex with her hubby.  Just the valium, and lots of crying afterward, I’m sure.


Same topic, a different idiot:  Mick Mulvaney the budget troll had a similar answer when questioned about maternity care.

“If you live in a state that wants to mandate maternity coverage for everybody, including 60-year-old women, that’s fine,” he said.

Co-host Alex Wagner asked Mulvaney about people who do not live in a state that requires maternity coverage.

“Then you can figure out a way to change the state that you live in,” Mulvaney replied.

Wagner asked if Mulvaney meant that people should move.

“No, they can try to change their own state legislatures and their state laws,” he responded. “Why do we look to the federal government to try and fix our local problems?”

That’s state’s rights, right there.  Same as abortions, gay marriage, etc.  If your state doesn’t offer those things, move.  Or win elections to push your librul agenda against gerrymandered odds while your neighbors kill your dog.  Have the strength of your convictions red staters, or move.   I’d move.

By the way I loooove Alex Wagner, MSNBC made a big mistake letting her go.

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