If you can’t enjoy GOP humiliation over Trumpcare then at least enjoy their Circular Firing Squad

So nice to see a Republican Circular Firing Squad for a change. The niceties of Friday were just fronting for a massive sharpening of knives. Can you say “schism”? Although with Trump and Bannon, two of the most egocentric and vengeful  people alive, “schism” hardly covers the open warfare against Paul Ryan and other GOP traitors who didn’t see, as Bannon said:

Guys look, this is not a discussion. This is not a debate. You have no choice but to vote for this bill.

1. Yeah, the more moderate (sane) GOPers saw a choice when they weighed an awful bill that would throw their constituents to the wolves.

2. And no the GOP Taliban Freedom Caucus (less sane) doesn’t take orders. Telling them they have no choice is like reasoning with pit bulls over whether your leg is tasty.

So Breitbart, Bannon’s media outlet, and Fox News, Trump’s media outlet are going after the speakership of the zombie eyed granny starver from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan. Trump and Bannon trusted Ryan with repealing Obamacare, he wrote a tax cut bill, and they all look stupid. But Ryan’s going to take the blame?


Do they remember that Ryan had to be cajoled to take the speakership when Boehner retired to smoke cigarettes on the golf course? There is nobody that wants to be speaker, and more importantly, nobody but NOBODY in the bloated GOP caucus of Republican beneficiaries of affirmative action has the gravitas or chops to be speaker.  It’s a group of 246 intellectual dwarves that couldn’t run a 7-11 no less the People’s House.

This is hilarious.

And Trump is denying that he spoke to Judge Jeanine Pirro when he tweeted to watch her show last night, and her show was about how Ryan betrayed Trump.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus said Sunday that it was purely coincidental that a Fox News personality President Donald Trump had urged social media followers to watch Saturday had called for House Speaker Paul Ryan’s resignation.

The Russia stuff and Putin’s attempt to destroy the EU and NATO through manipulation of democratic elections is he first priority and most likely means of getting rid of the Trump/Bannon menace.  But this shit is fucking funny.





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