The Definition of a Conflict

Jared Kushner, head of the Trump nepotism task force, wears a classic Mets cap forcing me to question everything.  And it’s not some new cap he had some flunky go buy for him with the stupid sticker still on the bill, no, it looks perfectly worn in, like he’s worn it at a bunch of games over the years at Shea and Citifield.  He’s chanted “Let’s Go Mets” trying to get a rally going.  He’s sat on the edge of his seat suffering through a Familia ninth as he walks two batters before striking out the side.  He knows my pain.  He shares my pain.

Ugh!  I just have to shake it off.

I’ve come to terms with Jets owner Woody Johnson (Johnson & Johnson heir), who is the definition of a clueless silver spoon Republican that sees the world through his own myopic privilege.   This guy is no different.  Maybe worse.  Marrying into the phoniest family since the Kardashians, supporting his antisemitic monster-in-law.

No, no!  Fuck this guy and his fake populist Mets cap.  He’s a greedy fucking elitist Yankee fan fronting in a Mets cap like he’s real people.  Mets fans don’t marry self-hating, handbag designing misogyny enablers.

Get the hat off and go testify about your meetings with Russian ambassadors, oligarchs and goons.


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