Two Christie Cronies Going to Jail Over Bridgegate – Christie Fate Much Worse

Going to jail sucks.  Bridget Anne Kelly, a mother of four, was sentenced to 18 months.   Bill Baroni got 2 years.  Christie (f/k/a “The Luckiest Man in Politics,” now known as “Mr. 18%” because of his microscopic approval rating in NJ) gets to continue being a licksplittle for Trump, who likes Christie, I suppose, because at 35% his approval looks mighty next to Christie’s.

There is no rehabilitating Christie.  So he’s on a constant, humiliating treadmill of effort (Christie and treadmill in the same sentence, first time!) to get back to the good graces of the politics gods.  But it’s not about the gods, it’s about the people.  And the people know that Christie should be in jail too and are baffled that he evaded indictment in the dysfunctional mess that was created in his name.

But really, isn’t being in the presence of Trump, being dependent on him for all hope and “salvation” a true hell on Earth?  At least if he were in jail Christie might actually take off the weight he didn’t shed after surgery.

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