Mike Pence, Super Christian

Mike Pence will not have lunch with any woman without his wife being there (to cut his food?)

But he has no problem voting to take health care away from those women he will not eat with.

I did not read this, but I will bet he calls his wife “mother.”

Headlines blare Mike Pence will only eat with one woman – his wife.  But another thing I know is he won’t even eat her.

Onion: Mike Pence Asks Waitress to Remove Mrs. Butterworths From Table Until Wife Arrives

On the almost serious side this kind of Christian relationship has a name.  It’s called the Billy Graham Rule.

But good intentions do not always produce helpful consequences. In this case, the Billy Graham Rule risks reducing women to sexual temptations, objects, things to be avoided. It perpetuates an old boys’ club mentality, excluding women from important work and career conversations simply by virtue of their sex.



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