Trump Admin. Continuing Foreign Interventions Trump Voters Hated Under Obama

A lot of Trump voters, like Bernie people, wanted to curb our military participation in the Middle East other than directly fighting Isis.  He made a lot of noises about getting out of stupid entanglements, but of course with Trump you NEVER listen to what he says because 1. he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and 2. he’s incredibly dishonest.

We’re not only continuing our engagements with no end game in Yemen, etc. but they’re ratcheting up, and with the promised budget increases for the Pentagon, that looks to increase further.

Robert Malley, a former senior official in the Obama administration and now vice president for policy at the International Crisis Group, said the uptick in military involvement since Mr. Trump took office did not appear to have been accompanied by increased planning for the day after potential military victories.

“The military will be the first to tell you that a military operation is only as good as the diplomatic and political plan that comes with it,” Mr. Malley said.

The lack of diplomacy and planning for the future in places like Yemen and Syria could render victories there by the United States and its allies unsustainable.

Oof!  That’s too bad because we barely have State Dept. right now and our foreign policy is pretty much whatever the last person who spoke to Trump before bedtime told him it was.

The activity in Yemen is in support of our Saudi friends who have purchased a massive air force from us (thank you!!) but still need us to fight their problems for them.  Understandable, they are awfully busy keeping women subjugated, beating their Indian servants and cutting off miscreant body parts so give them that – it’s not like they’re lazy.

Just another reason many of his “give him a chance” voters should be regretting their generosity with our democracy.  (How nice of them to give the levers of power to complete novices, so they can learn on the job – that’s American exceptionalism!)

On the cynical side, Hillary probably would have continued Obama’s policies too.

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