Worst People in the World – The Heartland Institute

These people are climate change denier central, the go to denier think tank coming up with most of the materials and  talking points you will hear deniers spout.  They’re super capitalists who know, as Naomi Klein has written, that really addressing climate change means really addressing capitalism.  Thus, they will deny the science, deny the statistics, deny anything they need to deny to prevent society from seriously addressing climate change.

They’re trying to influence elementary school teachers to be climate change skeptics.  get ’em while they’re young, right?  Get the teachers, you have the students.  They’re absolutely Trotsky-like in their pro-corporate tactics.

Twenty-five thousand science teachers opened their mailboxes this month and found a package from the Heartland Institute, a libertarian think tank that rejects the scientific consensus on climate change… the material will be sent to an additional 25,000 teachers every two weeks until every public-school science teacher in the nation has a copy, Heartland president and CEO Joseph Bast said in an interview last week. If so, the campaign would reach more than 200,000 K-12 science teachers.

They are the worst people ever.




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