Yesterday Was Yuge – Flynn Immunity, Senate Hearings; But Congress Continues Clown Show

Yesterday may have been the date that we can look back on as the beginning of the end of the Trump administration.  But back in the lazy, hazy House of Representatives where they serve Mint Juleps to the members on their own porch swings from 9:30 am-4:30 pm, Jason Chaffetz and crew aren’t at all in a tizzy over the Trumps.

Chaffetz not worried about Trump profiting from presidency: ‘He’s already rich’

“He’s already rich,” Chaffetz, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told The Atlantic in an interview published Friday. “He’s very rich. I don’t think that he ran for this office to line his pockets even more. I just don’t see it like that.”

There’s nothing that can get Ol’ Chaffetz off a his porch this time a year.  He’s just not an excitable sort, ya know?  An’ he just loves that ol’ porch swing.  They say the whole town could be a burnin’ down and Jason won’t lift a blessed finger or furrow his brow.

Unless there’s e-mails involved and a certain harlot from the Democrat party, he’s just not all that interested in the oversightin’.

And don’t get me started on that trifflin’ Devin Nu-nes!


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