Sunday Solar Power – World Trending Forward, Trump Stays With Buggy Whips


imrsCoal ain’t coming back, it’s fading away faster than anybody could have predicted 10 years ago.  Absolutely everybody knows that, probbaly even certain dishonest American politicians trying to manipulate certain gullible Americans (See Krugman, Coal is a State of Mind).  As I’ve been writing for years, renewables are exploding in popularity and as a percentage of energy production world wide.  Yes, even in China and India where cheap, CLEAN energy has become most valuable.

WAPO Reports – While Trump promotes coal, Chile an dothers are turning to sun power.

Chile wants to be a solar Saudi Arabia, turning the tables on the thinking that they’re a resource poor country – technology has made a lot of sun drenched places suddenly resource rich.  It just takes forward thinking.


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