USA and Russia on Same Page in Syria Now – So Assad Breaks out the Chemical Weapons

This is the definition of enabling.  Putin got the American leader he wanted, who would hand Merkel an invoice for NATO service, a leader who embraces Brexit, literally, and most importantly an American president who would be open minded towards butchers like Assad.  The White House has changed the Obama administration policy of regime change.

And just like that, not even giving the old policy time to get cold, Assad pulled out the old chemical weapons he had stored away for better times – like a bottle of champagne in the back of the fridge for a celebration.

Syria gas attack reportedly kills dozens, including children.

The doctor, who was choked with emotion as he spoke, described how whole families were killed, mothers and their children. They died of asphyxiation, foam covered their mouths. Many died suddenly, he said.
“I believe this horrible memory will stay with me for the rest of my life.”
Amazingly, on Twitter and other social media there are two responses that completely miss the point:
1. So what are supposed to do go to war with Russia?
2. I hope you denounced Obama when we killed children
Yipes.  Talk about morally missing the forest for the trees.  American policy towards Syria under Obama was no rousing success, because there are no rousing successes in the Middle East.  But setting any sort of Isis fighting strategy aside, our policy of not supporting a monster like Assad was moral.  Joining the Putin policy of Assad is our friend because he represents law and order and the rebels represent a big question mark and we need law and order and certainty – is an abdication of morality.  Like allowing a serial killer to go free because he’s only killing people nobody cares about and who he kills is his business.
None of this has anything to do with going to war with Russia, that was never on anybody’s table, even after they committed a hostile act towards us by hacking our election and planting a Manchurian Moron in our WH.
Guaranteed, the people upset about the gassing of Syrians were also upset and spoke out about air strikes on civilians during the Obama administration – that’s who gets upset about these things – the people who feel compassion for the pain all people, regardless of politics, race, religion, or any other designation that falsely separates people.

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