Let’s Review

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid changed the rule for filibusters of judicial appointments below the Supreme Court level because the GOP had filibustered 79 (SEVENTY-NINE) perfectly acceptable nominees (that they often voted for unanimously once cloture was invoked).  Reid acted in the middle of a judicial crisis where partisan gridlock was causing severe issues with many courts acting shorthanded for prolonged periods of time.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is going to change the rule for filibusters of Supreme Court nominees because the Democrats have filibustered 1 (ONE) nominee. Also that nominee is from an illegitimate president with sinking approval ratings that is under investigation for espionage.  And Merrick Garland.

Really Susan Collins?  Really… oh that’s it, that’s all I’ve got.  They’re loons.  McCain feels like he’s a hostage once again, forced to do what he knows damn well he shouldn’t do by those pesky Democrats.  His hand is forced, people, what can he do.  He’s a maverick!!!


So we’re going to Syria.  All those tweets saying “Don’t go to Syria, President Obama” got blown up by one gas attack.  That “crossed a lot of lines” for him.  But we still can’t take their refugees.  That would be dangerous.  Sending American lives and treasure there would be prudent, like Iraq, which he was always against, but we should have won and kept the oil.


Devin Nunes has done nothing wrong and yet he’s stepping down from the House Intelligence Committee Chairmanship and even Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief.

I still believe Ryan set him up when he pushed him out the door to the WH that fateful day.  “Go ahead Devin, go do important things.  Yes, yes, he’ll love you for it.”


House Democrats, or at least 80% of them, have sponsored a bill to expand Social Security. ‘Cause it’s like governing, and such, and people would be helped, so a thing to do.  Not crappy.  Celebrate that, please.

The bill would raise the damn cap on social security taxes, which has been a no-brainer for so long it should be conventional wisdom by now.  Funny thing that it’s not.

The legislation would pay for these increases by subjecting earnings of $400,000 or more to the 6.2 percent payroll tax. (At present, Americans only pay into Social Security on the first $127,200 of their earnings, a limit that climbs in tandem with the average wage index.) The added revenue would also enable Social Security to pay out promised benefits for the next 75 years, according to an analysis by the Social Security Administration’s chief actuary.


The stupid American president welcomes the golf hating Chinese president to his golf course today.  President Xi plays it cool, saying “Golf?  Golf is okay, I suppose.  But gymnastics, that’s a sport.  So how’s it going with Putin, you like that guy?”


The First Family’s Secret Service needs are straining the service and bending the cost curve all to hell.




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