Trump’s Syrian Pickle

If the Syrian airfield strike was done to actually hurt Syria’s ability to strike at civilians again then we wasted a bunch of money.  They’re back up and akillin’ from that airstrip already.

If it was to send a message that chemical weapons can’t be used again then maybe it was a success.  But that’s a long term situation, we won’t know it was effective unless it never happens again.

The trap Trump put himself in is that he can’t really tout the strike as a success unless it was intended as a message. But again, if Assad does use chemicals again that becomes an empty boast.

Trump eats, sleeps and shits empty boasts, but usually about truly meaningless things like ratings, net worth or crowd size.  He’s never bullshitted at this level before. This is bullshit with people’s lives on the line.

This is completely aside from the politics, which are fraught. He’s got too many constituencies at odds with each other. Conventional Republicans and his white nationalist base are on opposite sides of intervention. The people who voted for him for jobs and hope aren’t into this at all. And then there’s Putin.

Is Trump getting into a conflict with Russia to prove the collusion isn’t true? Is the entire “intervention” a kabuki to evade bad press and low ratings?

Who the fuck knows with this guy? Does he even know?

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