Bombing is Bombing

Not sure what all the fuss is about with this MOAB that reportedly killed 36 ISIS in Afghanistan.  Well aren’t you proud?  That was twice as many bad guys killed as Syrian allies you killed with smaller bombs in Syria.  Is 2-1 bad guys to good guys a good ratio, asking for a friend.

And really, this is such a big, expensive bomb, for just 36 people?  Seems a little overkilly.

The real issue with bombing, whether it’s one humongous bomb or a bunch of smaller ones is are you hitting appropriate targets?  How much collateral damage are you doing? Killing a lot of civilians?  Children?  That’s not helpful, never was.

P.S. There’s a story going around the web, reliable source that it is, that one MOAB costs over $300,000,000.  That’s wrong.  It’s just $16,000,000 per.  We created 20 of them for $314,000,000.  So 19 left.  And at $16M per that’s a bargain, huh?

$444,444 per dead ISIS guy, reportedly.

Come to think of it the MOAB epitomizes Trump, doesn’t it?

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