Alex Jones in a Custody Battle, Who Could Have Predicted?

But the newsy news is that his lawyer, repeat HIS lawyer, has claimed in said custody battle that his on-air persona as America’s conspiracy wackadoodle is just a character he plays.

“He is a performance artist.”

Wilhite reportedly said using Jones’ performances on Infowars to judge his capacity as a father would be like judging Jack Nicholson on his depiction of the Joker in “Batman.”

Okay, so here’s the deal:  If I were Alex Jones and I loved my kids and were in a bitter custody battle with my ex-wife, maybe that’s the legal strategy I’d go with even if it weren’t true.  The thing about people like Alex Jones, either really crazy or such an opportunist that he’s willing to play crazy for THE CRAZIES out there, that there are consequences to this game.

Guys like Jones and Bannon have very stormy pasts, maritally speaking.  Which is par for that freaky course.  How they ever get women to marry them in the first place is my puzzlement.  I suspect the wives are likewise nutjobs and, as usual, the kids are the real victims here.

So bottom line is the “admission” by the lawyer is great fodder for liberal media but it won’t mean a thing to his loyal watchers who never wake up to how many patently false statements he makes or predictions that never come true.  They too are children who love their daddy.

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