The NY Times Agrees With Me

If tax reform is the next big thing coming from the Trump administration, they might as well move on to the next, next big thing if he won’t release his taxes.

As I’ve said, the subject of taxes, tax reform, tax overhauls, taxes in aspic with a light wine tax reduction, are all bad subjects for Il Cheeto so long as his taxes are never going to be released.  Democrats will hammer him mercilessly with the perfectly logical argument that they cannot vote for any tax reform if we do not know how or whether such reforms will affect Trump’s taxes.

And guess what, Republicans are beginning to join in the chorus.

Beyond the politics of Mr. Trump’s returns, lawmakers do not want to pass an overhaul of the tax code that unwittingly enriches the commander in chief and his progeny. Those who are worried about conflicts of interest point to the potential repeal of the estate tax or elimination of the alternative minimum tax as provisions that would enrich Mr. Trump.


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