Any Day We Say Goodbye to Chaffetz and O’Reilly is a Good Day

O’Reilly represents another tent post in the circus that is Fox News driven from the network by sexual harassment, this time, unlike Megyn Kelly, it was because he was the one committing it.  I’m sure O’Reilly would tell us not to cry for him, rather cry for white men of a certain age who just can’t get a break in our all-spin zone, feminized society. You can’t call a women “sugar tits” anymore without being misunderstood and demonized.  It’s a complement, honey!!  I’d like to toast Long Island-by-way-of-Harvard’s own truth telling Bill O’Reilly by saying so-long sugar tits.  I’m complementing your man boobs honey, just in case you don’t get it, pinhead!

Fuck it!  We’ll do it live!!

Jason Chaffetz has given us notice that he’s taking his investigative ball home with him at the end of this term.  I blame Hillary Clinton.  Chaffetz was looking forward to being able to explore the target rich environment for oversight investigations that Clinton provided. But with Trump winning, Mr. Clean that he is, with absolutely no opportunities for investigations into his ethics or conflicts of interest, what’s the point, huh?


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