Some Days There’s Too Much Outrage Not Enough Energy

So we can continue to go through the many outrageous actions, flip flops, the stupidity, etc.  And there’s been a bunch in the last 24 hours.

Michelle Goldberg put it very well – and this fits in with the sad Everybody is Afraid of Republicans, Nobody is Afraid of Democrats analysis – he’s actually being normalized by the press.  The outrages don’t mount up, they seem to counteract each other.  The investigations continue (slowly), many journalists do a great job.  Many continue to be predictably asleep or at least unhelpful at times.  When consistency matters they’re consistently inconsistent.

Because I was sentient 100 days ago, I’m old enough to remember a time when American presidents were expected, as a matter of course, not to have paid foreign agents among their senior staff. It’s hard to imagine what would have happened if Barack Obama’s national security adviser were revealed to have recently been on the payroll of Turkey’s Islamist government, as Donald Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was. And what if we’d learned that a onetime campaign manager of Obama was a foreign agent of pro-Russian political interests in Ukraine, like Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort? And that he appeared to have kept this entanglement secret, in violation of the law? How about if one of Obama’s foreign policy advisers had admitted to passing documents to a Russian spy, like Trump campaign adviser Carter Page? We’d either have an impeachment, armed right-wing militias marching on the capital, or both. Quotidian political life would, at the very least, have ground to a halt.

The resistance is not going to get any help from the GOP, the 27% of the country that voted for him will continue to support him, and the media is, well, see my previous comment about inconsistency.

Of course he’s doing everything he accused Clinton of doing, is way more corrupt than she could have every dreamed of being and is a shit for brains to boot.

But I am actually starting to tire of the completely appropriate comparisons of some stupid, highly inappropriate action taken by Trump or his administration to what would happen if it was Clinton who did it.  Yes, we get it, you’re right, if Clinton or anybody in her orbit did any one of the things these morons do, the GOP and the media would be up their asses 24/7 and asking for impeachment.

It just doesn’t work that way with Republicans, even Trump.  And that is wrong, frustrating and has to change.


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