Do They Not Hear Themselves?

Hat tip to Atrios.  I see Nick Kristof in the cafeteria in my workplace all the time and have nothing to say to him.  Of course now that I’d like to grab him, shake him and ask him if he thinks maybe he encouraged Trump with his bullshit encouragement, I won’t run into him.




Things Are Sure Different – Fast Food Play Places Going Away

Raising our kids mostly in California mostly in the ’90s, it was a thing to just get in the car and go to McDonalds, Burger King or Carl’s Jr. so the kids could eat and play in the ball pits or climb on the slides with other kids their age. says those amenities are going away as the chains save money on space and upkeep and the kids aren’t so interested anymore anyway.

How much do kids today care if McDonald’s has a playground? They have iPads and Game Boys, and their parents might not even be taking them to fast-food restaurants anyway. According to Technomic, a food-service research and consulting firm, families with kids going to McDonald’s fell from 18.6 percent in 2011 to 14.6 percent in 2014…

According to Tristano, it doesn’t make much business sense for a fast-food restaurant to invest in a playground now. The square footage alone costs money, not to mention the equipment, the maintenance, the safety hazards, and the insurance costs. “Over the last 30 or 40 years, we’ve seen the larger playground shifting to a smaller, condensed playground and, in some cases, moving outside, which doesn’t help in the winter. It’s evolved to a point where it’s smaller and much less relevant.”

I mean, I feel bad that we fed our kids so much poison, but the playplaces were mostly cool.  There was the occasional asshole adult that would appoint themselves the playground police and yell at somebody else’s kids.  That was not cool!

It’s bad enough that my kids grew up so differently than I did.  But now even my kids can look back at this next generation and shake their heads and say “we had it better.”

Only fair, actually.  Tee hee hee!!!

And time marches ON!!!


Sucky Blogging This Week

To catch up a bit:

Republicans can’t help themselves in trying to stop people from voting news:

But courts are still (mostly) on the right side of this.  A District Court in Texas held that a Texas gerrymandering scheme was a violation of the Voting Rights Act and intentionally drew districts on racial grounds.


The Florida Supreme Court restored voting rights to 1,000,000 people.

“Florida is one of only three states with a lifetime ban on voting,” Bailey went on. “This amendment modernizes Florida’s criminal justice rules by bringing our state in line with others nationwide.”


In the GA-06 runoff, GA officials are trying to say that nobody can register to vote after the primary last Tuesday and be eligible to vote in the runoff.  There’s a 30 day cutoff in GA so you can’t register more than 30 days before an election.  GOP officials are trying to push the idea that the runoff is just an extension of the primary and so the cut off should be 30 days before April 18, cutting off anybody who might register between now and the June 20, runoff.

That will not fly.


There’s a special election in Montana coming up and Montana is not Georgia or Kansas. They have statewide elected Dems there and the Democratic candidate for the open House seat is a very active campaigner.  The DCCC is coming in there.




Any Day We Say Goodbye to Chaffetz and O’Reilly is a Good Day

O’Reilly represents another tent post in the circus that is Fox News driven from the network by sexual harassment, this time, unlike Megyn Kelly, it was because he was the one committing it.  I’m sure O’Reilly would tell us not to cry for him, rather cry for white men of a certain age who just can’t get a break in our all-spin zone, feminized society. You can’t call a women “sugar tits” anymore without being misunderstood and demonized.  It’s a complement, honey!!  I’d like to toast Long Island-by-way-of-Harvard’s own truth telling Bill O’Reilly by saying so-long sugar tits.  I’m complementing your man boobs honey, just in case you don’t get it, pinhead!

Fuck it!  We’ll do it live!!

Jason Chaffetz has given us notice that he’s taking his investigative ball home with him at the end of this term.  I blame Hillary Clinton.  Chaffetz was looking forward to being able to explore the target rich environment for oversight investigations that Clinton provided. But with Trump winning, Mr. Clean that he is, with absolutely no opportunities for investigations into his ethics or conflicts of interest, what’s the point, huh?


Saudi Arabia Increasing Renewable Energy Goals


Saudi Fucking Arabia!  The biggest petrostate can see the future. While here in the Greatest Country on Earth the dancing Energy Secretary left wind and solar out of a report on federal energy subsidies.

Perry wrote in the memo, first reported by Bloomberg, that the United States is “blessed as a nation to have an abundance of domestic energy resources, such as coal, natural gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric.” These sources provide a “stable, reliable and resilient grid,” he explained. Nowhere in the memo did Perry list wind, solar, or energy storage as options for grid reliability.

Nice job Rick Perry when you make the Saudis look more reasonable, scientific and forward thinking.  That’s how bad this Trump crowd is.  The people who behead people at least use their heads in regards to energy.

“We have the potential to become a global renewable energy powerhouse,” Saudi Energy Minister Khalid Al-Falih told a crowd of investors on Monday.

The NY Times Agrees With Me

If tax reform is the next big thing coming from the Trump administration, they might as well move on to the next, next big thing if he won’t release his taxes.

As I’ve said, the subject of taxes, tax reform, tax overhauls, taxes in aspic with a light wine tax reduction, are all bad subjects for Il Cheeto so long as his taxes are never going to be released.  Democrats will hammer him mercilessly with the perfectly logical argument that they cannot vote for any tax reform if we do not know how or whether such reforms will affect Trump’s taxes.

And guess what, Republicans are beginning to join in the chorus.

Beyond the politics of Mr. Trump’s returns, lawmakers do not want to pass an overhaul of the tax code that unwittingly enriches the commander in chief and his progeny. Those who are worried about conflicts of interest point to the potential repeal of the estate tax or elimination of the alternative minimum tax as provisions that would enrich Mr. Trump.


The Gang That Couldn’t Sail Straight

For those who got orgasms over firing missiles and such, thinking that such military interventions saved the first 100 days for the disaster-in-chief, um, sorry.

That “armada” that was sent by American maniac Trump to the Sea of Japan to send a message to North Korean maniac  Kim Jong-Un, was in fact steaming in the opposite direction towards the Indian Ocean.

The saga of the wayward carrier might never have come to light, had the Navy not posted a photograph on Monday of the Carl Vinson sailing through the Sunda Strait, which separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Sumatra. The picture was taken on Saturday, four days after the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, described its mission in the Sea of Japan.

To quote Energy Secretary Rick Perry, “oops!”


Alex Jones in a Custody Battle, Who Could Have Predicted?

But the newsy news is that his lawyer, repeat HIS lawyer, has claimed in said custody battle that his on-air persona as America’s conspiracy wackadoodle is just a character he plays.

“He is a performance artist.”

Wilhite reportedly said using Jones’ performances on Infowars to judge his capacity as a father would be like judging Jack Nicholson on his depiction of the Joker in “Batman.”

Okay, so here’s the deal:  If I were Alex Jones and I loved my kids and were in a bitter custody battle with my ex-wife, maybe that’s the legal strategy I’d go with even if it weren’t true.  The thing about people like Alex Jones, either really crazy or such an opportunist that he’s willing to play crazy for THE CRAZIES out there, that there are consequences to this game.

Guys like Jones and Bannon have very stormy pasts, maritally speaking.  Which is par for that freaky course.  How they ever get women to marry them in the first place is my puzzlement.  I suspect the wives are likewise nutjobs and, as usual, the kids are the real victims here.

So bottom line is the “admission” by the lawyer is great fodder for liberal media but it won’t mean a thing to his loyal watchers who never wake up to how many patently false statements he makes or predictions that never come true.  They too are children who love their daddy.

Yesterday in Stupid (The Stupid Was Strong Yesterday)

Jeffrey Lord, CNN, the non-blonde, non-girl, go-to Trump supporter that people keep saying is a really nice guy, said Trump is the MLK of healthcare.

That’s just like Spicer’s brain meltdown – if you are going to compare things to Hitler (bad) or MLK (good) you should just stop and not say it.

But that apparently became the topic of conversation all day on CNN, what Lord shouldn’t have said at all.  That’s like somebody farting on air and that becoming the hot take of the day.


A NC Republican politician/idiot (or “polidiot”) compared Lincoln to Hitler.  Yeah, after Spicer’s thing.  (That lesson is a hard one apparently.)   But even so there are more apt comparisons to Hitler and there are less apt comparisons.  And there is rhetoric that tells you all about the speaker by HOW FUCKING CRAZY IT IS.

It was a commenter’s crack that he should “get over it” that set off Pittman, who is a Republican, a preacher — and apparently still smarting over the South’s loss in the Civil War more than a century-and-a-half ago.

“And if Hitler had won, should the world just get over it? Lincoln was the same sort (of) tyrant, and personally responsible for the deaths of over 800,000 Americans in a war that was unnecessary and unconstitutional,” Pittman wrote.

Once again illustrating the conflict that the dominant party in the South does not accept it’s greatest leader because racism.  Once a year, everywhere, Republicans hold Lincoln Dinners to raise money for their party.  But in the South they toast Jefferson Davis.


GOP Congressman Markwayne Mullin (which is not a Congressman name, it’s a serial killer name, right?) absolutely hates it when people say that their taxes pay his salary. Oh no says he.  “Bullcrap!”

“You said you pay for me to do this,” he said in one recorded exchange, posted online Monday. “Bull crap, I paid for myself. I paid enough taxes before I ever got here and continue to through my company to pay my own salary. This is a service. No one here pays me to do it. I do it as an honor and a service.”

He’s a successful businessman who has paid way too many taxes in his estimation, which is probably his superhero origin story.  He estimates that he’s paid so much he’s covered his own $174,000 a year for each year in the Congress.

He then cancelled a townhall saying he has bodies to carve up.  “They don’t get carved and get buried in shallow graves themselves!  I do it!  And anybody who says elsewise is bullcrap!”


Here’s hoping today is a somewhat less stupid day.