50 Years Later – Rev. William Barber Will Take Up MLK’s Poor People’s Campaign

The good Reverend is one of the best speakers on the firmament and a worthy torch bearer for MLK’s great unfulfilled movement on behalf of human rights for the poor. He’s announced that he’s leaving his post as head of the NC NAACP to take up the mantle of MLK’s challenge to capitalist economics and lead a national moral revival.

In this time, it’s all the more important to agitate on state levels – grass roots movements.

“Extremism is at work in other states and has gained power in all three branches of our federal government, much as it did here four years ago,” Barber said Monday in North Carolina. “We know that the way to change the nation is to nationalize state movements. We have to do it with a state-up model.”

I think it’s worth noting the reaction of the head of the NC GOP (effectively the NAACP’s opposition in the state):

At hearing news that Barber will leave the NAACP to advance the Poor People’s Campaign, the chair of the state GOP told The News & Observer, “I think it would have helped him and his causes had he been more of a negotiator than an agitator.” Responding to this characterization Monday, the Rev. Nancy Petty, a colleague and supporter of Barber argued that his approach had worked in the state and said, “Reverend Barber, we’re sending you into the world to be an agitator.”

The difference between negotiating and agitating is a fundamental one and often the rhetorical/philosophical conflict between Democrats as well as Republicans.  Rev. Barber (like MLK before him and Gandhi before him) knows that there is no negotiating for human rights, equality and the moral treatment of people – you agitate until they grant you in human law what natural law demands.  Anything less, any compromise in this regard is a collaboration with immorality.  This is fundamentally not a political issue where compromise is mother’s milk, it’s just fought over in the political arena due to the massive ongoing failure of our humanity.

We’re Living in Peak Bullshit and I Can Fix It!!

Actually the first part of the title feels true, while the second clause was just a little bullshit flourish.  And that’s worse than a simple lie – the Guardian reviews books by smart people that make the case.

Each author suggests Trump is worse than a liar. In this, they follow Harry G Frankfurt’s distinction in his prescient 2005 philosophical study On Bullshit: “[The bullshitter] does not reject the authority of the truth, as the liar does, and oppose himself to it. He pays no attention to it at all. By virtue of this, bullshit is a greater enemy of truth than lies are.” Viewed thus, Trump is the personification of bullshit.

A story related by d’Ancona clinches the point. One day, Trump’s butler Anthony Senecal read his boss’s book The Art of the Deal. It detailed how the tiles in the nursery at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s West Palm Beach club, had been personally made by Walt Disney. Is that really true, the butler asked the billionaire. “Who cares?” replied Trump.

Bullshit is lying creatively, which aims to attract the listener by stroking their atavistic need for a good story.  To tell people their jobs have been taken by Mexicans, who are also raping people, is extremely counterfactual, but when you say the solution is a wall that will be paid for by Mexico you elevate mere lies to the art form of bullshit! People hate lies, but they are suckers for bullshit.  Compare:  Hey, I can solve your problem at no cost to you! or “Your call is important to us.”  The former is bullshit that is attractive to everyone (although rational people do want the details though before we hand over our credit card), while the latter is just a damned lie that insults our intelligence – even Trump voters know their call is meaningless to the company that created that phone message.

Then Why Don’t You Move There?

Billionaire Swamp Denizen, Commerce Secretary and cranky old man Wilbur Ross, representing the cranky old man administration, admires (in public!) how there are no protesters following him and Trump around in Saudi.

There might be a price to pay for electing people who aren’t big fans of democracy.  Not that Trump and Ross would ever cut protesters heads off – they’re not savages.  They’d just jail them for years or maybe destroy their public reputations.  That’s what the civilized white people do.  Just sayin’.

Although… they did enjoy that sword dance a little too much.

Hey GOP – Some Free Strategy Advice

You will want to inaugurate President Pence sooner rather than later.  If you wait too long – for the Russian collusion story to be proven – then Pence too will be tainted. Trump’s obstruction of justice, lack of judgment on disclosure of classified materials and rampant dishonesty is a gift to you to be rid of him and his issues in time to potentially clear the air before 2018.

But feel free to ignore the advice and continue to enable the putrid, pulsating pile of pus you put in the people’s house.

Reason the Infinity for Hiring Prepared Professionals – Trump Gave Russians Intel They Were Not Supposed to Get

Oops. Not sure how bad this one is yet, but it’s not going to help Trump’s case with the serious national security Republicans like Lindsay Graham… oh who am I kidding, ol’ Lindsay and John McCain couldn’t care less what Trump told the Russians out of school while bragging about what great intel he gets.

But officials expressed concern about Trump’s handling of sensitive information as well as his grasp of the potential consequences. Exposure of an intelligence stream that has provided critical insight into the Islamic State, they said, could hinder the United States’ and its allies’ ability to detect future threats.

For the first time ever, Morning Joe and gang and the prime time bunch of Chris, Rachel and Lawrence are all on the same page – against Trump.  It’s quite unprecedented. This kind of amateur hour stuff feeds that open hostility.  The Trumpster will then make it worse by spinning it as if t was nothing at all. In fact, he meant to do it. Which will enrage those who just want a little truth and competence all the more.


Breyer What Now?

They didn’t even need Gorsuch. Breyer joined the 4 usual conservatives to find by 5-3 (Gorsuch was not a part of the decision) that creditors could go after debts in bankruptcy even if the debt is “expired” due to a statute of limitations.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor filed a dissenting opinion in which Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan join. Justice Neil Gorsuch, who joined the court after the case was argued in January, didn’t participate in the ruling.

It’s not like Supreme Court liberals are all that liberal. Even Notorious RBG is actually a moderate on economic issues.

This is what they mean when they say that every appointment over the last 20 years has been more to the right than the person they’re replacing. It’s bad.

Sweden Has a Museum of Failure (Trump’s Got a Chance)


I love Europe.  After visiting the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia, Samuel West, a psychologist who studies creativity and work decided a Museum of Failure could be done.  The Museum of Failure opens this summer in Helsingborg, Sweden.  It’s an homage to the not good, the idea gone wrong, the bad and the badly timed.

While the people who created them may not have laughed, many are Hilarious!!!

One of West’s favorites, he says, is a peach-colored mask that looks alarmingly like something the villain in a horror flick would wear. Instead, the product is the faux-elegantly-named Rejuvenique electric facial mask. As a man in the informercial explains (er, badly): “If you can get the idea of what doing eight sit-ups a second would do for your stomach, you have an idea of what Rejuvenique would do for your face.” During a “facial toning session,” electrical impulses delivered through gold-plated nodules on the inside of the face “activate'” the muscles of the face.

“Those are just products that are stupid, they never should have existed in the first place,” says West, laughing. But the products that he finds the most interesting are those that might have succeed but still failed.

New Coke, Amazon Fire Phone, the Trump administration, some things are destined for failure, but somehow seem like a good idea to someone (or 60,000,000 someones) at the time.

We have a museum of failure in America right now it’s called the White House.  Ba dum bum!