Trump, Andrew Jackson, Civil War

You know, I don’t really have anything to add to this.  The stupid, ignorant, ahistorical thing Trump said fits all of his patterns:

  1. Extreme ignorance of history that indicates he was daydreaming through school
  2. Taking extremely difficult politics and boiling it down to a simple negotiation like a Monday morning QB who claims it should have been easy to do the impossible
  3. Fetish about a personality that he thinks well of – he’s been told some good things about Andrew Jackson, and takes that to be the entire truth rather than the more complicated reality that is the truth (that’s getting Jackson kicked off the $20)
  4. His description of his beloved fetish includes a comical word that makes you wonder if he’s just trolling us all.  “He was a swashbuckler.

He’s just one of the fucking weirdest people alive.



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