Ok, Now it’s Just Getting Weird- Pelosi Says Abortion Not as Big an Issue for Dems as Used to Be

So I suppose we’ll see Nancy Pelosi lambasted as a DINO on twitter, huh?  Just like they’ve done to Bernie and those that supported Heath Mello in Nebraska recently.

I kinda doubt the same Democratic circular firing squad will re-load and take aim against Pelosi.  Maybe they should.  Because it’s one thing to say we have a big tent and we should (have to?) support candidates that are against abortion personally but vow to support choice, and quite another thing to ignore the onslaught of stupid and petty GOP laws whittling down abortion rights and closing clinics across the country.  Which you would have to be ignoring to say this:

“It’s kind of fading as an issue,” she told Washington Post reporters on Tuesday. “It really is.”

But conservative lawmakers certainly still care a lot. In fact, antiabortion advocates are on a roll right now, successfully making it harder for women to get abortions in dozens of states.

Hm, Nancy should talk to the people in the pussy hats about whether abortion has faded as an issue.

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