GOP Lemmings to Crawl Off Cliff to Deliver a Tax Cut to the Wealthy

Tom Toles calls it.  It’s no secret, you can’t actually extract $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) from healthcare over 10 years and have it be better.  GOPers are lying that they even know what it’s in the bill, no less that it improves anything other than rich people’s bottom lines.

Yes, for the slow learners in the class, it’s about huge tax cuts for the rich, again. It is always about huge tax cuts for the rich. All that the GOP needs to do is the ritual hand-waving about how it’s really about health care, or that dying uncovered and broke is really what freedom is all about, or whatever. It no longer matters. The rich are running the GOP before, during and after the Trump “populist” revolt, and they are fully prepared to run it right into the ground, and you right into an early grave — if that’s what it takes to get their blessed tax cuts.

Jimmy Kimmel was being very generous the other night when he asserted that health care isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue, we all care about our kids and such.  He found out that that’s not exactly the case when he was attacked by Republicans, even Repubs considered moderates like Matt Lewis, for injecting cheap politics in healthcare. He said  no one should have to worry about paying for life saving healthcare, or have it denied for cost.  GOP maniacs made it clear they didn’t agree with that.  They don’t.   They’re not like us.  And I’m sorry, the people who think like that, that you have only earned healthcare by having the funds to purchase it yourself or having secured insurance yourself, those people are not kind, not generous, not good people.

They are bad people who want to dress up their immorality in superior moral judgment and fiscal responsibility.  It’s a lie.  Just like their motives to pass this bill.  The rich get healthcare and tax cuts.  Everyone else is on their own.


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