Rose Garden Party is GOP House “Mission Accomplished” Moment

CNN channeled Schoolhouse Rock because the President and House GOP don’t seem to know when a bill becomes a law.


Others said it was like a champagne clubhouse celebration after the 1st game of the World Series or spiking the football after a 1st down on the 50 yard line.

What it was was their Mission Accomplished moment.  The moment that George W. Bush celebrated a premature win that was actually turning into a long, painful, costly loss.  It took place on May 1, 2003.  In November 2006 both chambers flipped to the Democrats.


As if the Resistance needed more motivation, here you have people cracking open a beer and taking selfies on the WH lawn for passing something that would fuck millions of men, women and children.

“This is not really a victory, it’s a winning picture that he wants to present, but it’s a partial victory,” she said. “The issue really happens next week, when the true numbers ― the CBO score ― come out, so we’ll see if they’re still doing a victory lap then.”

The Cook Report just upgraded 20 House seats towards the Democrats. Which is just the first recognition, a lagging indicator, of what’s going on out there and just the beginning.


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