There are Two Americas

51569074212__840D4514-9151-4886-BBC1-A9F9E2778E70.JPGOne tries to care for other people, takes an interest in the welfare of others, cares in that Christian way about the least of us (although mostly non-Christians, in my experience), believes that bringing people up lifts us all.  Believes in investing in people as a sustainable policy.  Has empathy and sympathy.

The other could not care less for anybody they do not personally know, and maybe are related to.  Thus, they can vote to take away their healthcare coverage.  Funny how they don’t actually need to know rich people to help them, but there you go.  They’re always questioning why some people get rights, until they find out somebody they know is one of those people and then all of a sudden they develop a little empathy.  But they never seem to know any poor people.  They may have some sympathy, but not enough to set aside what they consider their good judgment that there is no free lunch, everybody has got to earn everything and hell, life’s not fair – what can I do about it?  There’s a meanness, a stinginess even to their love, which is never freely given – not even to their relatives.

It’s the Beatles fan that sings “All You Need is Love” essentially phonetically, never really internalizing the words. Like Chris Christie, the only Springsteen fan who never listened to the lyrics.


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