Sweden Has a Museum of Failure (Trump’s Got a Chance)


I love Europe.  After visiting the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia, Samuel West, a psychologist who studies creativity and work decided a Museum of Failure could be done.  The Museum of Failure opens this summer in Helsingborg, Sweden.  It’s an homage to the not good, the idea gone wrong, the bad and the badly timed.

While the people who created them may not have laughed, many are Hilarious!!!

One of West’s favorites, he says, is a peach-colored mask that looks alarmingly like something the villain in a horror flick would wear. Instead, the product is the faux-elegantly-named Rejuvenique electric facial mask. As a man in the informercial explains (er, badly): “If you can get the idea of what doing eight sit-ups a second would do for your stomach, you have an idea of what Rejuvenique would do for your face.” During a “facial toning session,” electrical impulses delivered through gold-plated nodules on the inside of the face “activate'” the muscles of the face.

“Those are just products that are stupid, they never should have existed in the first place,” says West, laughing. But the products that he finds the most interesting are those that might have succeed but still failed.

New Coke, Amazon Fire Phone, the Trump administration, some things are destined for failure, but somehow seem like a good idea to someone (or 60,000,000 someones) at the time.

We have a museum of failure in America right now it’s called the White House.  Ba dum bum!


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