History Reminder – Clinton Investigations and Impeachment

The Republican House under Newt Gingrich investigated Bill Clinton for a failed land deal in which the Clintons lost money.  That investigation was expanded to include all sorts of supposed potential wrong doing (including murdering their friend Vince Foster), none of which actually turned out to be anything.  They impeached him for lying about sex.

If Bill Clinton had colluded with another country, hired a national security adviser paid by that country, divulged classified information (from Israel!), fired the FBI Director investigating him and asked other intelligence officials to clear him, Gingrich and Dan (Mr. Watermelon) Burton would have gone to the WH and shot Clinton themselves.

But as they’ve long, long, looooooong proven It’s OK If You’re A Republican.  Even if you were never a Republican before running for president and evince no understanding of Republican principles.*

*(principles? the only Republican principle is winning, son).

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