Trying to Stay Grounded but the Signs Point to Big Dem Gains

The Montana special election is Thursday May 25 and looks really close.  Far too close for GOP comfort.

One senior Republican strategist warned that, based on the party’s performance in special elections so far, if Republicans “cannot come up with better candidates and better campaigns, this cycle is going to be even worse than anybody ever thought it could be.”

The latest polling in the GA-07 special election has Ossoff 7 points up, which is almost too good to be true (knock wood, cross fingers, spit!).

But last night in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Democrat Edie DesMarais was elected to a state house seat – a seat that had never, ever been held by a Democrat, EVER.  1800s?  No. Not when FDR was dominating politics, not after the 1964 Democratic wave, not 2006. EVER!!!

Trump won the district 51-44.  It’s the first actual seat flip since 2016.  First of many (knock wood, cross fingers, spit!)

Update:  A Bernie delegate won a seat in NY State (Long Island) that went for Trump by 23 points!


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