It’s Really Most Galling Now That the Thug Who Assaulted a Journalist May Well Win and be in the House

And let’s not be cute anymore with the “body slam” thing, ha ha wrestling.  Thuggish, stupid GOP House candidate Greg Gianforte physically ASSAULTED journalist Ben Jacobs for asking him a perfectly legitimate question.  Witnesses have corroborated Jacobs’ version, which the audio also really does.  Gianforte’s bullshit campaign issued a statement blaming the “liberal journalist” which is all you need to know about what a turd with no sense of right and wrong or honor Gianforte is.

But because (1) asinine blind partisanship, and (2) a large proportion (not sure how much I have heard differing numbers) of the vote was already cast by mail, Gianforte could win a close race and now the story won’t be “look at the close race in a red state, there’s a movement out there towards the Democrats that anti-Trump sentiment is generating” instead it’ll be, “holy shit, a really horrible person just won a seat in the House, who should not have a seat in the House, but Paul Ryan sure won’t do anything about it, how depressing is this?”

Just add this asshole to the mix in Washington with Trump and the rest of the people who are ruining this country.

Even Republicans should be rooting for Quist to win today, out of some sense of honor. Or at least to not have to deal with one more handsy asshole with impulse control problems.


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