Jeff Sessions Justice Dept. Backs Corrupt Lender Over Veteran (Happy Memorial Day)

Veteran Jacob McGreevey lost his house during his third tour in Iraq.  He came home, got a business degree, went to court and fought back using laws that were supposed to protect active duty veterans against repossession.  He expected to fight the crappy lender in the courts.

He didn’t expect having to fight the U.S. government too.

What neither McGreevey nor Riddell anticipated was that PHH Mortgage wasn’t going to be their only adversary. Five months after the U.S. Department of Justice announced a major initiative to crack down on financial institutions taking advantage of active-duty service members, the agency intervened in McGreevey’s case.

But it didn’t come in on the side of the Marine . It went with the lender.

Loretta Lynch’s Justice Dept. was cracking down on lenders violating the law and good faith with veterans.  But when Sessions took over they did a 180 and started going to bat for the lenders.  Not really a surprise, they did the same thing in environmental cases. But while the Trump Administration’s anti-environment protection stance is as well known as it is stupid, they do purport, hypocritically and inaccurately, to support veterans.

In the age of bullshit, nothing stinks more than Republican phony waling for respect for the troops in public while treating them as shoddily as all us other low life consumers behind courtroom doors.




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