How to Counter Ludicrous GOP Attack on CBO Score of AHCA (Which You Shouldn’t Have to Do Because it’s so Ludicrous)

Trump/Ryan Care is awful, everybody gets that it is a tax cut bill with some very bad healthcare aspects that would cause millions of people to lose coverage.  So the only thing left for Republicans who want those tax cuts is to criticize that damning CBO score. Their means of criticizing it is saying that the CBO score for the Affordable Care Act was “so off” that the CBO can’t be trusted.

Okay, nevermind that the CBO is a venerated non-partisan organization that is headed by a director hand-picked by Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan that is constantly cited by Republicans when they like the numbers.

It may not surprise you that the CBO estimates for Obamacare were not really off at all. They estimated 30 million people would gain coverage and the healthcare initiative only achieved 27 million (because they underestimated how many Republican governors would choose party pettiness over the care and well being of their citizens).

So the massive error that they’re hanging their hat on here is 10%.

The question to ask GOP operatives who rely on the “CBO was off” defense, is to cite the 10% and ask if the current CBO score is off by 10% does that mean only 21.6 million people lose insurance coverage?  (Or does it go the other way and it’s 26.4M?)

Not that you need this in order to make these idiots look silly, they generally do that all on their own.  But the 10% observation might make them stammer 10% more than usual.

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