Shareholders Win Battle with Exxon Management Over Climate Change

Extraordinary, really.

The shareholder rebellion at the ExxonMobil annual meeting in Dallas was led by major financial advisory firms and fund managers who traditionally have played passive roles. Although the identity of voters wasn’t disclosed, a source familiar with the vote said that major financial advisory firm BlackRock had cast its shares in opposition to Exxon management and that Vanguard and State Street had likely done the same. All three financial giants have been openly considering casting their votes against management on this key proxy resolution.

This kind of activism, the same week as Trump’s stupid actions, show how futile climate change denial is.  Futile and sad.  Strides are being made everywhere towards a renewable future.  Like with many actions by our present “conservative” government, they’re wasting precious time perpetuating ideas and policies that make no damn sense and do not work – and people will needlessly suffer.


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