The Debate Over What/How Democrats Should Move Forward Continues – Joan Walsh Questions Joan Walsh

Joan Walsh wrote “What’s the Matter With White People” in 2012.  In the wake of the 2016 election and the continued often very thoughtful debate over what direction the Democratic Party needs to take to regain electoral credibility, it’s all a healthy, important exercise.  It’s most healthy when someone goes back and begins to debate even themselves and the stances they took just a few years ago.

The Racism Obstacle in the American Prospect.

Neither will like the comparison, but it’s inescapable. Since the 2016 presidential election, Senator Bernie Sanders sounds like an earlier leader who wanted to overhaul the Democratic Party after a devastating loss: former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton. Almost 30 years ago, Clinton, like Sanders, struggled to find a way to win back the White House by attracting more white non-college educated voters, the backbone of the New Deal coalition, many of whom had left the party at least partly out of discomfort with the dominance of women and people of color in the Democratic coalition.


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