Best Thing That Ever Happened to Paris Accords and Climate Change is the Orange Buffoon

This has catalyzed a resurgence of interest in climate change, brought the world together, including a lot of America, and reminded everyone that there is a Paris Accord. As per usual he stood there and used lies, propaganda and outdated information that can’t withstand the slightest scrutiny to rationalize a result no sentient being wants.

Nicaragua, which isn’t part of the accords because they thought it didn’t go far enough will likely join now, to not be part of the list with Syria and Trump.

Bottom line is that Trump is spitting into the wind here, like with most of his administration’s pointless, silly policies that seek to turn back the clock and bring back economic factors that the markets have tossed aside or renew failed approaches to issues that have already been scrapped by thinking people.

Trump and his ignorant followers are cavemen railing against fire.



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