Mexicans Used to Love to Visit America – Going to Canada Now

Another not very well thought out and detrimental side effect of Trump’s brand of governing by right wing fear mongering is that middle class Mexicans, the second largest group of tourists visiting the U.S. annually, have lost interest, can’t imagine why.

Mexico is America’s second-largest inbound tourism market, accounting for some 18.4 million visits in 2015. Just this year, experts predict 7% less visits from Mexico, totaling a $1.6 billion loss in direct economic spending by 2018, according to Tourism Economics, a research firm.

25% of all hotel rooms in San Antonio, Dallas and Austin are rented by Mexicans visiting on holiday.

Trudeau has made it a visa free visit for Mexicans to come to Canada, so they are.  Like other tourists around the world, they’ve decided to spend their money where they are wanted and are less likely to be harassed by rogue ICE agents or police.

Being the stupid country has economic consequences that non-fraudulent business people (un-Trumps) who want to improve the economy might have been able to foresee.

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